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RITE here in knoxville Tennessee u can get the rude waitress in no matter how many time u don't want that rude waitress there she is at your service when all u want is pleasant service. CAN WE GET SOME PLEASANT SERVICE PLEASE I'M BEGGING, NOT REALLY BEGGING. BUT WERE IS THE GOOOOOD HELP THANKS Add comment

The service here is slow, I've been here three times each time they would serve everyone that comes in behind me. Is it because I'm black. Go figure. Terrence L Brown Add comment

  • Nov 06
  • Cafes and Restaurants
  • Restaurant Service
  • 55

My friend and I went into Perkins to have lunch on Wednesday, Nov. 5, at Perkins in Maplewood, MN. #1051 (Table 44/2). We ordered our food and beverages at 12:38 p.m. and we waited for almost one hour to get our food. After waiting for 45 minutes, my friend got up from our table and asked a male employee if we could get our food order. We weren't given any explanation for the delay of our order.... Read more

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My husband had chicken fried steak, potatoes anf eggs overeasy at 10:30 am and has been in the bathroom most of the day. My meal was fine Add comment

100% FULL

  • Oct 16
  • Cafes and Restaurants
  • Harrisburg, Pennsylvania
  • Tuskan Chicken
  • 83

Waitress laughed at my small portion. Said she sympathized. I told her I had the same meal at other Perkins and it wasn't that small. She shrugged and said it was premeasured. She said it must just look smaller since there's nothing else on the plate. I then told the manager that I had the same meal in Ohio and at the Perkins across the river. This didnt compare. She said..Well isn't that funny.... Read more

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Comments about rude waitress nasty food was RITE here and KNOXVILLE RESTAURANT. ......T Add comment

Jus was in their today have 1 rude waitress that has to wait on u most time. Just because you don't want something or want this rude employee to wait on u, u stuck with her then the attitude y do someone needs to go through that but the food not really GOOD AT ALL THEY SHOULD BE GLAD TO GET SOME SERVICE. N JUST REMEMBER U CAN'T HOLLA AT YOUR CUSTOMER AND THINK U STILL RITE Add comment

  • Oct 09
  • Cafes and Restaurants
  • Food Service
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Nasty waitress, food with hair n it Read more

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  • Sep 13
  • Cafes and Restaurants
  • Moorestown Township, New Jersey
  • Dirty Bathroom
  • 37

i wish that i could give them zero stars ! horrible. horrible food that is not fresh at all, and there were fruit flies everywhere even near the bathrooms. saw a big cockroach in the bathroom which is right next to the kitchen. which means theres more than one. when brought to the managers attention i was told they were taking care of it.... obviously not they should be shut down if they have an... Read more

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  • Sep 02
  • Cafes and Restaurants
  • Hudson, Florida
  • Salad
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I got the Grilled Chicken Spinach salad for lunch, and it was awful. The chicken was with-out-a-doubt from a can or bag and was disgusting. It was cheap processed chicken. It was NOT fresh grilled chicken. The entire salad was not good, but the chicken was just awful. I took one *** and literally spit it out. The service was pretty slow as well, it was just an all around not good... Read more

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