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On June 9th my family and I entered into The Perkins restauraunt in Orlando Fla. We were seated in a small section off to the right of the main seating area.

It was then that I noticed that we were the only afro-american family in this section. Several other

consumers before and after us were seated in the main section. These consumers were all caucasian.

We were not served or addressed by any of the staff.

Although one waitress did enter into the room grabbed a booster seat and walked out never making eye contact with me. I watched other consumers being attended to by staff through small wooden poles that seperated the two rooms.

There were plenty of seating in the main area to accompany my family. I was outraged by this addressed my concerns to the host that seated us and left the Perkins establishment.

Never have I been so humiliated and at the same time angry for myself and my family. My children have never seen the ugly face of discrimination this close up outside of a textbook. They will remember this for a lifetime!!!!!!!!

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Orlando, Florida, United States #697872

Something similar happened to my family on perkins in sandlake and international drive in orlando fl. We went 2 times both times we were seated in a table.

We asked to be moved to a booth because we were unconfortable. They did move us but with a negative attitude! We noticed that every afro american or hispanics and other races where seated on tables! And every caucasian family that entered where seated on booths.

And they where plenty of booths available. This happened the 2 times that we went and we saw the same routine!


EVERYONE on this POST IS SICK.BECAUSE YOU ARE WHITE does not make you any better than anyone else.Some of the most common THIEVES-*** PEOPLE-LOW LIFE PEOPLE i have met where WHITE.THE best way to handle an low life WHITE PERSON is look over them.TAKE an attitude like THEY DO NOT KNOW ANY BETTER.They were raised to feel like they are above everyone else.ANOTHER thing i noticed about WHITE PEOPLE.WHITE people with real MONEY and CLASS.YOU will alway's find out that these WHITE PEOPLE are better to deal with if you are going to deal with them at all.White PEOPLE that is at the bottom of the net pole,HAS to make their selves feel better about their selve's because they are poor.I have WHITE FRIEND'S.BUT believe me they are up standing WHITE PEOPLE not trash.IF you go into a business and YOU do not feel comfortable just leave.AND please let them know on the way out,THEY CAN KISS YOUR ***.DON'T WASTE YOUR TIME or YOUR MONEY.


Here is what more than likely happened. The open sections with servers were filled & any available tables were dirty.

You sound like you were the only black family there at the time. By just bad timing you were placed in a clean area but without a server & out of site (the other side of a wall). Had you seen 2 or more black families on the other side of the wall with you & they to had not been served then you worry. The server you had seen grabbing the booster was probably very busy herself & assumed another server had already greeted you since in this case it's whomever has a moment to get there first.

I have had this happen. White people especially the elderly tend to eat early. 2 servers on & the front dining room is filled. Blacks almost always come & eat as that rush is ending.

Maybe just a difference in dining traditions. Anyways the other side of the room is empty & clean. I have brought black families to that side & have seen a look of anger when they think they are being segregated.

I hate that look & hate that is what they think is happening. Now 2 very busy servers have a table NOT a black table on the other side of the room behind a wall & very easy to forget.


Perkins in fredericksburg, va is being run by boyfriend/girlfriend..who treats their employees like *** can talk to them 2 mgrs bc either they yell or tell you to get out their face...they have favorite employees who they cater to..bottom.of the barrell managers with abso lutely no training in dealing with .customers and staff....I hope that corporate take time to visit...bc many of the employees are terrified at work..but why if its a family restaurant....please help these people....before legal action is taken...


I am a white heterosexual male, but I am also a vegan. I didn't eat at the Orlando location, but I totally can understand how minorities feel here.

Even I am suspicious that that the word "Family" in "Family Restaurant" isn't just a euphemism for INTOLERANCE. I certainly don't feel like they are very welcoming to people with different dietary choices. Unlike other restaurants around, they have no special options specifically targeting vegetarians. And when they ask for feedback, I let them know I want vegan options and they are dismissive.

They say I can always just make stuff up not on the menu, as if that is not an inconvenience, and they did ask for my feedback so why are they dismissive. We are all minorities in some way or another, and Perkins seems to think we do not count if we don't fit their cookie cutter concept of a first class citizen member of their narrow market demographic. To the anonymous poster who worked there and defended this place: Equal treatment, does not mean equally welcoming.

Even if they are not intentionally discriminatory, the whole Perkins brand is stupidly insensitive and they deserve every negative review they get for it. And franchises should realize their brand is a liability.


As a former manager of an Orlando Perkins, we spent an inordinate amount of time training and coaching equal service for all. The group of people I had to counsel on saying I don't want to serve them.....our black servers. BTW I was raised by a black man that I am proud to call my DAD.

Holmestrand, Vestfold, Norway #196867

maybe the othe customers felt uncomfrortable with blacks the have to protect them you know, probably they wre afraid you would rob them or rape their kids.akbaah you blackies are not qualified for these jobs yet if someone more qualified gets the job then you cry racism instead of admitting you suck and don't have the skills and qalifiacations for the job.


Its easy for white people to say that we ared playing the race cArd, well your right , thats all we've got. And by the time Obama leaves office thats all yall will have too.

Everything white people stole, defrauded, and denied us is comming back to haunt them. Its so funny to see white people in the welfare line begging for help after losing their house, job and life savings hahahahah


Perkin restaurants have a history of discrimination, not only with their customers but also with the employees


I can't believe the racist attitudes by those who posted comments. I live in Florida and am fully aware of the ignorance and bigotry that people live in around here.

It is quite amazing that someone could be so oblivious to their racism, while at the same time holding a high opinion of themselves. It is a sickness that would take a miracle for some to ever realize they have.

In short, Florida is truly the home of the white cracker. BTW I am white.


God every time we would put a black person in an area no one was at they would complain. No white person ever does if they are sat secluded from everyone else



and by the way

every waitress i have ever met HATES waiting on black people because every time anything happens it's not because people make mistakes it's because they are black

get over yourselves

Savage, Maryland, United States #28893

As much as I agree with the fact that Perkins is a disgrace to family restaurants, I think you are over-exaggerating. You didn't mention how long you were there, 5 minutes doesn't mean that they are going to pull out pitch forks.

I have been seated in isolated places eating there as well, however, I am fully Caucasian. Unless white people hate other white people......

Salem, New York, United States #22436

Have you considered the fact that a lot of people don't like you is because of the free ride you get on the 14TH amendment, not the color ofyour skin?

Batam, Riau, Indonesia #21220

Get real.....another supposed slight in a city where the world comes together each and every day.

Bernhards Bay, New York, United States #20444

That is ridiculous! They might as well put up a "Colored" sign next to that room!

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