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My mom and grandma ordered peach pie at Perkins the other day. My mom was chewing her peach pie thinking it was just a hard peice of peach skin and when she finally spit it out it was a bloody bandaid.

I'm not clear on how Perkins decided to handle the situation because they kept the bloody bandaid and said they would get back with her later on what they were gonna do about concerns of STD's that could possibly have been contracted. The waitress said the pie had just come out of the oven before she ordered so I suspect the chef was still there that baked it. My mom should've kept the bandaid, but she did take a picture of it with her phone and called an attorney out of concern that she might have contracted something, yet out of the three attorney's she talked to none said they could help her unless she was sick from it. The mere thought of chewing someone's bloody bandaid makes me want to throw up!

Aren't these kitchen people suppose to wear gloves when they cook or bake in a restaurant? Perkins better perk up!!!

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Marie Calenders makes the pies


It's true. No possible way a Perkins employee could have placed or lost a band aid in the pie.

They are completely frozen & sealed shut. Once cooked it is pre-sliced with a pie cutter that remains in the pie until the last piece is served.

This means the pie filling is never exposed till it's put onto the plate.

I think your fibbing.


Are you sure it wasn't a female sanitary product? If you still have it examine it closely, there are some things to look for, but I would rather not go into detail.


This is a very disgusting and unsettling thing that has happened, however, Perkins does not actually make their fruit pies. They come frozen from another company and the Perkins baker simply *** the plastic wrap and puts it in the oven.

There is no way that the baker "lost" a bandaid in the pie, unless they cut the pie open and placed it in there. Unfortunately, I think you are going after the wrong company.

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