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Our local Perkins tells us it was a corporate decision to discontinue the cranberry nut muffins.Yes, I have tried the new cranberry orange muffins and I don't Ike them.

I started eating the cranberry nut muffins when the number of raspberries in the raspberry muffins decreased. Please bring them back! They were the reason I are breakfast at Perkins.

I can get bacon and eggs anywhere, but not those yummy cranberry nut muffins.Ignore following: they want me to enter one hundred words but my complaint was complete in seventy four, so I am just entering meaningless drivel to fill it in.

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Bay City, Michigan, United States #610789

It always seems that when we find something we like, the store or restaurant, etc.goes and discontinues it.

Always happens. You can complain to the local Perkins, but since corporate has made the decision, you are out of luck. Your lone, single complaint will fall on corporate's deaf ears.

Just go elsewhere for your breakfast.All you can do.

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