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I have been to this perkins quite a few times before, and have spent enough money there for them to make me customer of the *** month or something...I guess I said something wrong for you guys to come at me like that. I handed my card, that I HAVE used before at the SAME restaurant for the government discount, and you acted like you had to figure out morse code or something.

When you finally figure out how to read it, you proceeded to take the card, even though I told you that I was to keep it. "Sorry, it says coupon"... Gee, and all this time I thought it said FREE. When I told you that it was a 10% card that I kept, you got huffy and decided to call over one of your other brilliant friends...Wonderful.

She obviously took the same class as you since it was so hard for her to make out what it said either. After a while, you finally called the manager over, who we have spoken to before, and she gave us a rude remark such as "Listen 'mam, this says coupon, and that means we keep it. Furthermore, if you are working for government and you're in uniform, we are the ONLY ones who give 5% off, other places give 10%.." What the *** was that? You're basically letting me know you guys are cheap pieces of ***?

When I went to reach for my card back, and said forget it you so rudely said "'Mam, you don't need to get snotty." Snotty? Excuse me? I think it is the other way around, HUN. No need to use your training lingo on me, I get it.

I wont be dining here anymore. Get people on the register who know how to use it AND read. I also want to thank you for ruining a breakfast for my family that hasn't been out in a while...Thanks sooooo much.

:) The food was *** anyways...Need better cooks.

Monetary Loss: $50.

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I work at a Perkins.. And I hate dealing with cheap snotty people like you..


Keep on truckin. We have plenty happy people to serve.

That know how to tip too.


The government already gets enough money. Be happy you have a job, and either deal with no discount, cut coupons, or go somewhere else and quit whining. :p


a coupon is a coupon, your just cheap and trying to work over the waitresses you feel are beneath you bc you work for the 'government'. if you had a Discount card? maybe you wouldn't have had trouble.

Holmestrand, Vestfold, Norway #148141

You are not smart yourself, you may know how to read but even a second grader knows you end a sentence with one period and not three. Maybe if you treated them with respect you would get respect in return.

You were rude, accused them of being uneducated in this letter,(when you don't know to end a sentence with one period verses three. I don't know what school you went to but obviously your English skills suck. When you said you wont be dining here anymore I am sure you made her day because now she does not have to deal with a snobby *** such as yourself. Maybe the reason your family has not been out for food for a while is because they are afraid you will get on your high horse and treat people like dirt.

They are too embarassed to see you in public. You are the one who cannot read since it said "coupon" Perhaps you need to go back to kindergarden to learn how to treat people like you want to be treated, or second grade to learn how to read. I hope your parents saw this letter and spanked you for your rude behavior because you frankly are rude.

If by any chance you are an adult(which I doubt from your behavior) they obviously did a terrible job raising you. Either that or the message did not sink in your thick skull.


your a ***


I don't care who the f--k you are. Military I'd give a discount to only in uniform.

Government? Who the f--k cares about government workers, I'd give you nothing!

Braham, Minnesota, United States #18797

i dont know about perkins, but at the restaurant i work at, no names mentioned, we give government and military discounts. 20 % in uniform and 10 % out of uniform

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