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we ate at Perkins in Duluth Minnesota --we ordered a turkey dinner and a roast beef dinner. When the food was brought to the table after about a 35 minute wait, it was burnt.

The turkey and beef was burnt black and dried out, and the biscuit was sitting in the middle of the gravy as well as the butter container. The server just kinda threw the food on the table, and when she came back about 20 minutes later with our bill we told her we could not eat our food, because it was burnt. She just grabbed our plates and said I won't charge you for it. The manager or who ever she was came to ask us what was wrong we told her and she replied sorry, we have 2 new cooks in the kitchen.

The part really bad was that they charged us for our coffee.

Never asked if they could get us anything else. We paid for our coffee and left.

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your a useless ***


You didn't want alternative food, being as you never complained about what you got. The waitresses work really hard at perkins, they don't get bussers to assist them like alota restaurants do. Perhaps if you pulled your head out of your *** and realized they're humans with no supernatural powers to read your mind and realize the food that they had nothing to do with preparing is not prepared correctly?

Holmestrand, Vestfold, Norway #196692

Shut up, I think, no one cares about what you think.

Holmestrand, Vestfold, Norway #196691

That the fact that they did not charge you for your food is good enough. You only had to pay for your coffee. I think that is fair enough don't you?

Holmestrand, Vestfold, Norway #196690

Actually the food was not really burnt. I heard that someone got a$100 giftcard from Perkins because of this site. How do I get my giftcard?

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