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Well, I'll try to keep it short,I worked for perkins for 12 yrs. just a waitress/trainer.

Moved to Mi.and got transferred to the one in Kalamazoo.LOVED IT for years.My GM got fired b/c he wouldnt kiss ***,we got this new GM, a real PIECE of *** ***! She was gm for 2 weeks,she stole the $ that she was supposed to deposit and took off,she got caught going toward the canada border,they tracked her with her cell phone,the cops found her in a hotel room! We got the news at work,the OFFICIAL STORY was, she had a nervous breakdown from all the new stress!

HA,what a joke,we all thought we were RID of her,well,guess what,they gave her her job back,b/c the DM is an ***,I guess, or they are involved,which most of us think! (continued in next post)

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Thats what happened??? Wow, we got wind of something at muskegon but that is messed up.

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