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Anyway,the GM, Kellie, she really didnt like me from the start, I guess b/c I wouldnt kiss ***,really, I have been a waitress since she was in first grade,I do my job,I dont kiss up! After 12 yrs, I NEVER have had a complaint,EVER,magically,after all this time, I got 3 in one weekend,only one was written with proof, and this was b/c of POOR FOOD, not me!

The other 2 were NOT documented! The other day,I got sick of her treating me differently and I slipped,I said I was gonna call Paul(the DM)b/c she is SO RUDE! I knew I shouldn't have said this,well an hour later, I had a 'guest complaint'she said I was discriminating a black customer!

REALLY,my kids are mixed,I get some of my best tips from black customers,there is no proof of this complaint,and Im out of a job!I gave them their food,WENT TO THE BATHROOM and came right back to check on them,am I not allowed to PEE! Any suggestions on what I should do, or who I should call about this,all the managers will just stick together,they are SCARED to DEATH of HER!

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Holmestrand, Vestfold, Norway #197156

You should have settled it in the parking lot. If you know what I mean.

:grin and even if you did discriminate against a black who cares you look at them wrong they will cry discrimination. that is just how rude they are and like you said the things they cry about discrimintion, (being criminals, being thieves ane violent are true so tell them to shut up or you will send the kkk after them.

Holmestrand, Vestfold, Norway #196698

Also since she steals so much she may as well be black. She is also Jewish.

I wish Hitler were around to send her to a death camp. She deserves constertratin camp. She deserves to be tossed in an oven by Nazi's because she actss like one herself. She deserves to have little food and be forced to work hard and beaten badly if she does not work.

SHe deserves gas chambers. ect everything they suffered in the 40's.

Holmestrand, Vestfold, Norway #196697

Okay my children are mixed but i don't raise them to be like *** i raise them to be white. This person is white this manager, but with her rude attitude she may as well be black.

My kids father was a ***, and i am teaching them to behave like white children. Also how was I discriminating by telling the truth. There was this black momma with four children. I told another customer who I went to college with that blacks only have children so they can get a check from the government and the mother waiting in line most likely did not know the father of any of her children.

She lied and said that my friend from college reported me. She was obviously easpedropping my friend would not report me, besides how is it discrimination if i am telling the truth. Can't help it is this is true for colored people. She has had a thing for me since I babysat for her when she was in the first grade.

She is 18 now and very much a ***. I feel like smacking her. When she was in first grade I smacked her, I told her she was a evil kid. She hated me ever since.

SHe eventually told her parents who said I could not babsite no more.

Just shows the parents don't know how to raise a child. I should blame the parents they are raising her like a black thug, aka like my ex husband.


I just want everyone to know about this *** KELLIE JORDAN! Yes, I am naming her, I dont care what they do to me, She is a thief and a rotten ***!

She wants to share registers with employees, and were supposed to trust her in our drawer with her being a thief!?!!!*** her, GOD I wish I had called the alert line on her BEFORE I lost my job, b/c now, they are all taking her side, I'm just a wacko angry ex-employee! And all the *** *** that work there, are just too chicken *** to open their mouths either! They don't want to lose their jobs either! She is a NAZI ***, I really hope Karma gets this dumb ***.

I really feel like it would be worth going to jail for a few days, just to go up there and beat the *** out of her...***, if I didn't have kids, I have responsibilities but god I wanna *** her up so bad. I have been holding this in ever since that *** came to work there, and they fired our old boss Chris Lindsey! He was the ***! If her were there, I would still be too!

But they fired him, too, after many years b/c he wouldn't kiss *** either! I guess now a days you gotta kiss ***, to get anywhere!


i would call the alert line. i work at perkins and i know they take the alert line very seriously.

Cubero, New Mexico, United States #174275

At least you did not get an BUTTOX HAIR in the food as in LiZhau restaurant fremont, where there are scrutal public hair in food.


I think I will do that. Do you think they will even talk to me, as I am not employed there anymore?

We have a number for employees, an alert line. But if I got fired,I'm unsure, but I will try, thanks!


try calling the Human Resources department at the office in MPLS... 952-927-0379

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