Took my girlfriend out to eat at the Perkins in Wilkes Barre Pa. We walk in I need to use the restroom go in and the the restroom smells of urine so bad that I had to walk out.

The floor was dirty and looked like it hadn't been mopped in days the carpet had crumbs and other type of debris that right there should have been my first clue but it was also kinda busy so maybe they couldn't do just yet. Our waiter had a blank look on his face like he was off in his own little world. She got eggs,toast,pancakes,ham,& breakfast potato's I got a patty melt. I've worked in the restaurant business for about 10 years so I have some knowledge of what you order and how it's cooked.

The toast was burnt pancakes were still runny the potato's if that's what you wanna call them looked like they were cook earlier in the day and reheated you can't really screw up eggs the ham she got was also burnt and hard. My patty melt whoever made it didn't know what they were doing or didn't care no thousand island dress the onions were raw when their supposed to be sauteed my french fries looked the same way her potato's look. She ordered a cherry coke that had so much cherry syrup in it that she couldn't drink it because it was to sweet.Only saw the waiter twice once to take the order and the other time was to bring it to the table along with the bill.

The manager looked like he was more worried about what female server he was gonna score with then how the service was going when I voiced my concerns to him about the service and the food and how the place looked this is what he said to look buddy I'm here to get paid if you didn't like it you should have went somewhere else. Lol the balls on that manager I just laughed and walked out the door.I'll never eat there again ever it's not worth it the food we got I wouldn't even give to my dog

Review about: Perkins Restaurant Eggs.

Monetary Loss: $30.

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Not your typical Perkins restaurant, I can assure everyone. Must be endemic to this particular location.

We ran across the Perkins chain last year on a trip out west and really liked them---almost as much as Pizza Barn and Old Dutch potato chips. Suggest you email corporate with the location and your complaints.

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